Oil and Acrylic Paintings

After several years of concentrating on making black and white linoleum block prints, and hand-coloring some of the prints with watercolors, I started painting again with oils and acrylics. I was missing the luscious feeling of spreading paint around, blending colors, and watching effects develop that can only happen with oil and acrylic paints.

In preparation for a show as featured artist at the Port Townsend Gallery, and wanting to continue working with the images I made as linocuts, I decided to start painting directly on my prints. After at least 10 attempts to find a strong, archival substrate and determine what mediums were best to adhere and protect the paper, I settled on a combination that worked, and began a new direction for my work.  This became a show of "Variations," taking 7 of the same image and working them in several different mediums.  Last year, as featured artist in "The Nook," at the Columbia Center for the Arts, in Hood River, Oregon, I continued in the same vein, having another show of "Variations." 

Facts about my oil and acrylic paintings:

  • The paintings on paper (100% rag Rives BFK) are adhered to archival board with acid-free mediums and protected so that they should last as long as paintings on traditional substrates.
  • The paintings on paper are matted with acid-free mats. The mats need to be kept on the paintings and used for framing with 16"x20" frames for images with an image size of 10.5"x13.5".
  • High quality ink jet giclées are available on request.
  • Artist grade paints and materials are used on all paintings.