Digital Art

Creating art in new mediums is exciting and challenging. Using the computer as a medium involves an initially intense learning curve and, since there are nearly unlimited possibilities, making choices becomes time consuming. Since I first touched a computer keyboard, many years ago, I continued to develop a sense of wonder about the amazing possibilities of this technology. While it's common for artists to use the computer to reproduce their paintings, many artists are now working directly on the computer, creating art that first exists digitally. Printing these images using high quality ink jet inks allows them to take a form that can be framed and hung on the wall, or applied to a great variety of objects. 

My digital fine art techniques include scanning, drawing, painting digitally, and using multiple filters in Photoshop and other art oriented applications. Each is made entirely by me, from building the images, to printing them with archival inks on a variety of acid-free papers.

Facts about my art created on the computer:

  • My digital fine art is limited to editions of 50.

  • Images of smaller sizes (with the same proportions) are possible (e.g. to fit 11"x14" frames).

  • My giclées are printed on professional quality ink jet papers, usually satin or glossy finish photo paper.