Linoleum Block Prints

Black and white and hand-colored linocuts. Horizontal format.


Relief prints (e.g. linoleum block prints and woodcuts) are made by cutting into a variety of materials, rolling ink on the surface of the finished block, and transferring the ink to paper by hand or using a press. A limited edition can be pulled so that each print in the edition is almost identical. Since these prints are made by hand, it's not unusual for there to be small differences between prints in the edition. Varied editions have elements that may change quite a lot between prints in the edition, or they may remain fairly similar within the edition. When the variations to a print are extremely different, they are often called monoprints.  


 Facts about my linoleum block prints:

  • Black and white linocuts are limited to editions of 45. 
  • Varied Editions are limited to editions of 20 (some may be substantially different from others in the varied edition).
  • Linocuts are hand-printed on 100% rag Rives BFK or similar archival, lightweight printing paper.
  • Inks used are the highest quality artist printing inks (e.g. Charbonnel, Daniel Smith, and Graphic Chemical).
  • Hand-colored images from my "Vegetables: A-Z" can be ordered by clicking my Etsy shop button: